POS Systems to Get Paid in Stores—PayPal

Point of Sale (POS) system is a buzz word in retail industry nowadays. It makes transactions simpler and easier and it does not end there. It can automate store transactions such as inventory management, theft protection, workforce management, accounting, and other business processes which are usually done manually. Ecommerce business

POS may be an answer to a business owner’s prayer, but it can certainly get better if used with PayPal. PayPal is an online payment service that lets one link their credit or debit card to transfer funds to another account but with an added layer of protection to the account owner.

Offering a 24/7 customer support system, fraud monitoring and secure payment method, PayPal have been used by most businesses because it provides more payment options for their customers. It also provides a wide range of business tools to help owners manage their business efficiently.

Now, customer experience is much more enhanced as four of the most popular POS system integrates PayPal for payment processing needs.

Lavu and TouchBistro

Lavu and TouchBistro are POS systems specifically designed for restaurant businesses. Lavu and PayPal offers one simple, transparent online payment solution with a uniform processing rate for all credits cards. To be able to use the tandem of Lavu and PayPal, one has to download Lavu POS from the Apple App store, create a PayPal business account in the Admin Control Panel, and then wait for PayPal to send their own PayPal Chip Card reader for that EMV compliant transactions. Online Shopping

TouchBistro and PayPal

TouchBistro and PayPal, on the other hand, have worked together to support restaurant owner in managing their own businesses. Together, they offer their clients a reliable POS and secure payment system. Since PayPal enable restaurants to become EMV compliant by providing them with a chip card reader, customers are ensured of a fast and secure transaction.

Vend and PayPal

Vend and PayPal enables a retailer to use a cloud-based POS system that is easily accessible through an iPad. The tandem makes business operation easy breezy as it provides EMV compliant payment system, contactless card payment, accessible inventory, sales, revenue, and profit monitoring, and an integrated method to reward loyal customers—all in one app.

Erply and PayPal

Another business solution for retail business owners, the duo of Erply and PayPal is another cloud-based POS system that provides both business and online payment solution. With these two apps, business owners can transact with their customers across multiple locations and lets them manage their inventories at the same time. Sellers also enjoys that their funds are immediately reflected in their accounts, in a matter of some minutes. Buy & Sell products POS

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